Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 (EYFS & Year 1)

Welcome to the Class One page; you can find newsletters and further information at the end.

Reception have all settled in to school now and the Year One children have taken on the ‘role model’ mantle with great maturity!

Please feel free to come in and chat if you have any concerns or questions, however small or inconsequential they may seem.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos of us having lots of fun.

March 2017: Easter Bonnet Parade


1. World Book Day 2017, 2. Paleontologists, 3-5. Lots of Mary, Joseph and Richard Annings going on a fossil hunt!


October 2016: Apple Pressing Day

apple-pressing-day-2016-i  apple-pressing-day-2016-g  apple-pressing-day-2016-f  apple-pressing-day-2016-e  apple-pressing-day-2016-d  apple-pressing-day-2016-b  apple-pressing-day-2016-a  apple-pressing-day-2016-j  apple-pressing-day-2016-h  apple-pressing-day-2016-c

June 2016: Class 1 making the most of the local area!

jumping in the local area

May 2016: Year 1 sock puppets and Foundation Stage nature bracelets

Year One sock puppets May 16   Foundation Stage nature bracelets May 16








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