Welcome to Class 2 (Year 2)

Class two have settled well into their new classroom and have started their learning journeys for the year. Here are some of the skills we have been learning.


2 February 2018 – Today was Candlemas. To celebrate we had crepes for breakfast. We made lanterns. Class two presented an assembly about Candlemas. There are a lot of traditions around Candlemas.



January 2018 – Class two have been learning about money and how to work out change. We set up 3 shops in the classroom and took it in turns to be the customers and shop keepers. We were very good at using our bonds to 10 and 20 to work out the change that was needed.

Barnabas day

December 2017 – Class two enjoyed having a visitor who taught us more about advent. There was lots of great singing, dancing and acting. Much fun was had by all!



November 2017 – Class two enjoyed using the beebots to learn about directions and turns.


November 2017 – After learning all about castles and how they were built, Class two had a go at making their own castles. They then had ‘battles’ between castles and had to think of ways of attacking other castles and defending their own.

Primrose planting

November 2017 – Class 2 enjoyed planting primroses in the church yard with Mrs Meyer. We are looking forward to seeing them blossoming in the Spring.

Baking Bread

October 2017 – Mr Meyer came in to school to bake bread with Class 2 for the harvest festival. We had great fun stirring the ingredients to make the dough and then kneading the dough. We made 4 round loaves. We then talked about how we made the bread in our harvest festival.


Numbers, numbers, numbers…..

September 2017 – Year 2 have made a great start in maths. We started the year by looking at 2 digit numbers. We’ve sorted them, ordered them, compared them and thought about where they go on number lines. We also had great fun playing place value games with ‘ice-creams’!



September 2017 – Our school value for September was responsibility, so class two thought about how they were for responsible. Can you work out what responsibilities these pictures show?





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