Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 (Year 2)

The children in Class 2 are all enjoying new challenges! Below you can see some of the areas we have been working on.

23 June – CAMO DAY

Class 2 Camo Day July 2017 (select to view).

May – Inventions

As part of our topic this term we have been learning about Leonardo Di Vinci who drew a detailed drawing of a parachute. We had a go at making parachutes and tested them out in the garden. We also learnt about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. We had a go at making our own telephones.

May – Shelters

In science we have been learning about animals and what they need to survive. We learnt about shelters. We learnt that shelters need to be dry, safe and comfortable. We walked around the village looking at shelters for animals and then we had a go at making shelters for animals in the garden.

April – Wild-West Drama

Class 2 had a great time with Sheriff Billy doing drama and dance in the ‘Wild West’! They managed to find the horse with the golden mane, doing lots of fun activities on the way.

Tree Planting – March

Year 2 helped School Council and Class 4 plant some trees in the school field.


Great Fire of London

We have had great fun learning about the Great Fire of London this term. We have learnt about how it started, why it spread so quickly and how people felt during the fire. We wrote our own newspaper reports and diary entries. In art we were learning about hot and cold colours and used the hot colours to create the effect of flames.



Science Week

Our visitor Cosmic Chris brought us some owl pellets to investigate – we found lots of tiny bones and had a go at identifying what animal they might have been from.

We then focused on plants for the rest of the week and where they get their food from. We planted cress and put them in different places to find out how this affected how they grow.


We have been learning about rainforests. We have written riddles about different rainforest animals and had a go at drawing different rainforest animals. We also had fun writing our own ‘just so’ stories.

Maths  – multiplication

We had great fun using Numicon to work out multiplication challenges.


Maths – money

In Maths, we have been investigating different ways to make certain amounts of money, using a range of coins. We then set up a shop and had great fun ‘buying’ items and working out the change required.

Snowmen biscuits – December 2016

We were learning about measuring in maths, and snowmen in the lead up to Christmas. So we decided to put the two together and make delicious snowmen biscuits.

Apple Pressing Day – October 2016

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