Welcome to Class 3 (Years 3&4)

Our classroom is very unusual as it is located in the almshouses, so the residents are our neighbours. We work in two rooms and have our own bathroom and kitchen!  Our two rooms mean we can work as a whole-class or in smaller groups.  The class windows overlook the cloisters and gardens on one side and the churchyard on the other side. We thrive on learning in our unique surroundings.

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June – Viking Boats: First we had to evaluate various boat making instructions to see what would work best and from that we planned and made our own. Next on the fourth week when we tested our boats. We hoped for the best, but it was none the less Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’. Some floated whilst other sank like stones! We had to evaluate how well our boats did in the test. Also we named our boats such as the Underdog and Extreme.


May – Anglo-Saxon Weaving: Class 3 have done some Anglo – Saxon weaving in pairs. We tied four stones to the end of four pieces of wool. Then we hung them over a tree branch and passed each end to its diagonal partner to create the braid. When it was finished we tied a knot at the end. After that we cut it in half and ‘tadaah’ a braid each!

May – Illuminated Lettering: In the first week, we looked at the designs and merged them together. The letters were inspired by Lindisfarne, a monastery from the Anglo-Saxon era. We all made our own, of the letter that was the first letter of our name. We had to hit all the design criteria. It was hard but worth it and the results turned out to be amazing!


April – Myth Writing Walk: In April Class 3 went on a story inspiring walk. We collected information about the atmosphere around ourselves to give us ideas for the setting of our legends. On our journey we collected items that our characters could use in our stories. At the end of our journey we went to the common to collect our final piece of information. Before we set off back to school we discussed our objects to see how they could be used by our heroes in our legends.

March 2017: World Book Day! We almost had enough witches and wizards for a full class at Hogwarts or Miss Cackle’s Academy this year. Accompanying them were characters from many other favourites, including mostly trained dragons, secret popstars, Arthurian legends and pig-saving heroines!


Science Week – We had a hair-raising session on static electricity with Cosmic Chris who showed us how to make packing foam fly out of our hands, how a Van De Graaff generator works and how well we conduct electricity!


Aqueducts – Continuing our Romans topic, we have been developing our engineering and design skills by constructing aqueducts. Inside we had to get water (aka marbles) down a mini hill to a fountain in the city (aka a cup).


Then we took our new found engineering knowledge outside to get water down a real hill!


January 2017: Mosaics – For our Roman topic we have been finding out all about the way people lived in Ancient Rome. We discovered how they decorated nearly everywhere with mosaics. It was a very time consuming process, but we persevered and have made some excellent mosaics of our own!


October 2016: We are developing our research skills. In teams we chose a topic for our research into Prehistoric Britain. Taking different aspects of Stone Age life, we divided up the work, and used books, videos and the internet to make posters for our class assembly.


Also, Year 3 got dramatic!


Cave Painting – First we experimented making our own paint from the natural things Stone Age man would have had, like mud, chalk, berries, charcoal and plants. Then we got down into our ‘caves’ and made our own cave paintings of animals, weapons and hand prints.


September 2016: In maths we sorted 3D shapes by their features. Then we explored how to make them and what their different nets would look like using polygon.


July 2016: Shakespeare – Our final English topic of the term has been Shakespeare as it is the 400th anniversary of his death this year. We studied A Midsummer Night’s Dream including acting out different scenes and interviewing Puck, King Oberon and Queen Titania. Then we looked at Julius Caesar and thought of all the things Brutus’ conscience might be saying to him before the final scene, children pretended to be Brutus and walked down a ‘Conscience Corridor’ to hear all the different ideas.

shakespeare 6 shakespeare 5 shakespeare 3 shakespeare 2 shakespeare 1 shakespeare 4

May 2016:  A Visit to the Hindu Temple – We joined up with the Year 3 and 4 class at Stadhampton to visit the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple as part of our Hinduism topic in RE. It was a great day! In the morning we got to explore the grounds, feed the cows and ride in a cow-pulled carriage. Then we ate a vegetarian Hindu lunch and dressed up in traditional clothes to visit the Temple’s prayer ceremony.

temple3 temple2 temple1

April 2016: Light experiment – Our science topic this term is Light. We know that light travels in straight lines so we knew we would need mirrors to reflect the light and help us spot the 3 bears hiding around the corners in our experiment.  The blue bear was quite easy to see with only one mirror, but the orange and green bears were much trickier. With three mirrors at carefully placed angles though, none of the bears could hide from us forever!

DSCI0691   DSCI0689   DSCI0687   DSCI0686   DSCI0685   DSCI0683


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