Welcome to Class 4 (Years 5&6)

We love learning, and enjoy the responsibilities of being the oldest in school.


26 January 2018: Class 4 led the afternoon assembly in the run up to ‘Safer Internet Day. Here is a copy of their presentation.

Ewelme young person led Esafety presentation January 2018

1 December 2017: Class 4 had a brilliant time with John Hardwick during our workshop on our school RE day on the theme of Advent. We thought more about the story through drama, songs, poems and models. Thank you John for your brilliant presentation!

Reflections on what they learnt:

Isabella – “It was amazing that they could have predicted that a baby would have turned into a man called Jesus. It’s amazing people would carry on this story. Jesus was a really good person.”

Ben – “What surprised me most is that there were so many leaders and prophets through the generations – over thousands of years – before Jesus was born.”

Georgia – “I was surprised that the juggling story was related to Jesus’ birth. I learnt that Christmas is not all to do with presents.”

Finlay – “It was amazing that the angel came down from the sky to meet Zachariah and tell him his wife was going to have a baby. But he didn’t believe the angel so his mouth got shut.”

Vakaris – “Jesus can make a better world and he can make the world light.”

Harry – “I learnt people predicted Jesus’ birth 2000 years before – I didn’t know that.”

Taylor – “I learnt that Jesus is the light of the world and the angel came down to tell Zac’s wife she would have a baby.”

Daniel – “John’s story about God was very good and I know that the king was actually God in the story. Like Jesus who was born at Christmas.”

Harry – “I was surprised at the accuracy of the prophecies and how they predicted his birth, death and even rebirth. Especially that they predicted 2000 years before it happened.”

Will – “I learnt that Christmas is not all about opening presents and parties, it’s about Jesus and how he was born (Charlie got it wrong). How Moses and Abraham knew where he is going to be born and when.”

Teddy – “I learnt that monkeys like presents. And more about the Christmas story.”

Eden – “I thought it was amazing that people guessed what would happen.”

Findley – “I learned that Christmas was not just about gifts – it’s not it is all about Jesus and when he was born.”

Sophia – “I was surprised when John was telling a story about juggling, then juggling, and how the moral was linked to Jesus’ birth. I liked the story about Charlie because it was funny but I was disappointed when he only came second in the football match.”

Emanuel – “I am surprised how the prophets predicted Jesus’ life accurately, like it was really important.”


23 November 2017: What a brilliant day Science Club had at the Oratory school! Members of years 5 and 6 were invited to take part in a Science festival with 11 other schools. There was a planetarium, astronaut demonstrations and a Knex challenge to make a working Mars Rover.

The posters that we had entered into the competition were on display, and four of our children had Highly Commended Awards. Well done Ollie, Raffy, Isabella and Eden.  Big congratulations to Ollie for winning in the year 6 category, enjoy your telescope!

We were also delighted when they announced that Ewelme was the overall winning school! Congratulations Science club, we’re so proud of your great Science work and the fantastic way you have represented the school.  Look out for the report of the day in the Henley Standard!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


November 2017:  Members from year 5/6 have been invited to take part in a Science club. Groups had to design and run an experiment, then collect their results and present their findings on an exciting poster. Children have worked hard through lunchtimes and at home to achieve this. The posters have now been sent to the Oratory school who are organising a KS2 Science festival, which hopefully our wonderful scientists will be invited to participate in.


November 2017:  We are really proud of our Netball team for representing the school. They went after school to play a friendly match against Crowmarsh Gifford. By good team work and some excellent shooters they won 8-1. Many thanks to Mrs Bryson for organising with Mrs Scott, and for parents who helped to give lifts to this event.

July 2017:  Leavers party – Year 6 had a fun time at their end of year party: water fight, pass the parcel, fire pit and pinata fun. Thank you parents for your support to make this a really special time for year 6 to celebrate together.


July 2017:  Year 6 golfing

June 2017: Woodlands Residential – here are a few photos.


May 2017: Ewelme Park Farm – Year 6 had a fantastic day out in the glorious sunshine. Lots of outdoor learning and discovering nature made for some very happy children!​



Gallery of Gargoyles! We have been inspired by ‘Night of the Gargoyles’ by Eve Bunting to do some amazing descriptive writing, and to create our own gargoyles out of clay. Here are our modelling efforts!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


March 2017: Tree Planting – School Council has recently organised some tree planting on our field with saplings ordered from the Woodland Trust charity scheme. They were ably assisted by Class 4 and Class 2, spending the afternoon carefully siting and digging. Let’s hope they all grow! Here are some pictures of the work in progress:


22nd February 2017: Mixed Football at RAF Benson:- We are so proud of our teams who competed in the partnership football tournament. Both teams from ks2 showed great sportsmanship and positive energy throughout. Also, Ewelme came first in year 5/6 and second in year 3/4. A great result to reward their excellent team work.

2nd February (1942): Class 4 were evacuees for the day; experiencing war time rationing in baking, difficult code-breaking maths and the rigorous testing of our home made Anderson shelters. Fantastic fun and learning all round.






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