Class 4

Welcome to Class 4 (Years 5&6)

We love learning, and enjoy the responsibilities of being the oldest in school.


July 2017:  Leavers party – Year 6 had a fun time at their end of year party: water fight, pass the parcel, fire pit and pinata fun. Thank you parents for your support to make this a really special time for year 6 to celebrate together.


July 2017:  Year 6 golfing

June 2017: Woodlands Residential – here are a few photos.


May 2017: Ewelme Park Farm – Year 6 had a fantastic day out in the glorious sunshine. Lots of outdoor learning and discovering nature made for some very happy children!​



Gallery of Gargoyles! We have been inspired by ‘Night of the Gargoyles’ by Eve Bunting to do some amazing descriptive writing, and to create our own gargoyles out of clay. Here are our modelling efforts!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


March 2017: Tree Planting – School Council has recently organised some tree planting on our field with saplings ordered from the Woodland Trust charity scheme. They were ably assisted by Class 4 and Class 2, spending the afternoon carefully siting and digging. Let’s hope they all grow! Here are some pictures of the work in progress:


22nd February 2017: Mixed Football at RAF Benson:- We are so proud of our teams who competed in the partnership football tournament. Both teams from ks2 showed great sportsmanship and positive energy throughout. Also, Ewelme came first in year 5/6 and second in year 3/4. A great result to reward their excellent team work.

2nd February (1942): Class 4 were evacuees for the day; experiencing war time rationing in baking, difficult code-breaking maths and the rigorous testing of our home made Anderson shelters. Fantastic fun and learning all round.


January 2017: Iknield Community CollegeClass 4 took part in our partnership Sportshall Athletics. The children had to run, jump and throw; all as part of a team. They all made us proud with their good skills, hard work and good sportsmanship.

Sportshall Athletics Jan 2017 (1) Sportshall Athletics Jan 2017 (2)  Sportshall Athletics Jan 2017 (4)  Sportshall Athletics Jan 2017 (3)

Working hard at some Autumn landscape sketching

sketch-2  sketch-1  sketch-3

19 July 2016: Leaver’s Party

leavers 2 leavers 1 leavers 3

27-29 June 2016: Residential Trip to Coalbrookdale – Class 4 arrived safely at Coalbrookdale on Monday 27th June.   All slept well but were up for an early start and enjoyed a walk to Ironbridge.

We have arrived!                   Morning Walk

23 June 2016: Year 6 “Love is” Service at Dorchester Abbey.

Love Is at Dorchester Abbey 23-6-16 d Love Is at Dorchester Abbey 23-6-16 c Love Is at Dorchester Abbey 23-6-16 b Love Is at Dorchester Abbey 23-6-16 a

6 June 2016: Class 4 had a fantastic day in the sunshine at Wittenham for a survival day with Earth Trust. The first challenge was to work in teams to build a secure shelter in the woods for the oncoming ‘storm’. In the afternoon we learnt how to light fires with flint and steel. We think we could survive in the wild, maybe for one night.

Survival Day at Wittenham 7 Survival Day at Wittenham 6 Survival Day at Wittenham 5 Survival Day at Wittenham 4 Survival Day at Wittenham 3 Survival Day at Wittenham 2 Survival Day at Wittenham 1

25 May 2016: Year 6 had a fantastic day out at Ewelme Park enjoying the outdoors. They toured the farm on a tractor, met some birds of prey and even made a nest for a Red Kite. Many thanks to Mrs Stretch and Mrs Hill for being part of the adventure!

Ewelme Park 1 Ewelme Park 4 Ewelme Park 3 Ewelme Park 2

March 2016: Look at class 4 ‘ s incredible creativity for World Book Day!

World book day March 2016 b    World book day March 2016 a

February 2016: Class 4 are having a fantastic time learning our new instrument, the ukulele in music lessons. Mr Nice has helped us to develop our music skills with a new challenge. Now we have mastered basic chords we can play in groups, composing and learning whole songs. Watch this space for a performance!

music lessons 7 music lessons 6 music lessons 5 music lessons 4 music lessons 3 music lessons 2 music lessons 1

December 2015: Happy Christmas from Class 4! Thanks to the donation from Mr Meyer to reward children who won a little competition at church, Class 4 were able to give a Christmas gift through Oxfam. We remembered it was more important to give at Christmas than receive, particularly to those who have less than us. With our donation, Class 4 chose: Chickens, Safe water for 10 people, and Life saving soap.

Christmas Gift through Oxfam December 2015

December 2015: Class 4 have worked incredibly hard on our DT project. We have designed, sketched, painted and sewn these beautiful cushions. We had a lot of new skills to learn like using oil pastels as a resist and for some of us using a sewing machine for the first time.  A big thank you to all the parent helpers who gave their time to help Class 4.  Here are a selection of our finished cushions. Don’t they look fantastic!

c4 Batik Cushions 2015 h c4 Batik Cushions 2015 g c4 Batik Cushions 2015 f c4 Batik Cushions 2015 e c4 Batik Cushions 2015 d c4 Batik Cushions 2015 c c4 Batik Cushions 2015 b c4 Batik Cushions 2015 a c4 Batik Cushions 2015 i c4 Batik Cushions 2015 j c4 Batik Cushions 2015 k

 tag rugby and netball 13.11.15

November 2015: The partnership tournaments today were great fun. Years 3 and 4 stayed cheerful and determined in the stormy weather out on the Tag Rugby pitch. Years 5 and 6 played netball both outside and in, with great team spirit!



class 4 Roald Dahl Day


September 2015: There were some amazing examples of creativity for our Roald Dahl themed homework, including this Revolting Recipe!




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