What Does The Governing Body Do?

The school governors work with the Headteacher and staff of Ewelme School to promote high standards in our children’s education in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.   Governors are responsible for major decisions about the school and its future. For instance, they set the annual budget and approve targets and policies for the school. While the Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, school governors provide a strategic framework that promotes the school’s vision and ethos. Governors are answerable to parents and the local authority for the school’s performance. As well as supporting the school and staff, the role of governors is to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Headteacher and to challenge or question the performance of the Headteacher and the school.

At Ewelme School, the governing body meets in full every term and members also serve in at least one of the three sub-committees that focus on particular areas of activity: Resources, Performance & Standards and Community.

The Resources Committee is responsible for financial matters. It engages in the setting of the annual school budget, recommends the approval of the budget to the whole Governing Body and monitors it on a regular basis. The committee also monitors staff appointments, appraisal and pay, and the maintenance of all aspects of the school premises.

The Performance & Standards Committee monitors all aspects of pupil progress and achievement. It agrees policies and annual targets with the Headteacher and recommends their approval to the whole Governing Body. It also reviews the curriculum offered and receives reports and presentations from members of staff on specific subject areas, developments in teaching and learning and assessment.

The Community Committee supports initiatives to encourage and develop links and communication between the local community and the school.

There are also special small committees to review pay, agree on admissions, staff appointments, deal with complaints and to conduct the Headteacher’s annual performance. In all these responsibilities the Governing Body works closely with the Headteacher and staff, and when necessary with the local authority and/or external advisers.


Governors Newsletter Summer 2017

governors newsletter Summer Term 2016

Meetings 2016-17

Who Are We?

At Ewelme School, our governing body is made up of 14 governors :


Name Category Term of Office Appointing Body Committee Membership Positions of Responsibility Register of Business Interests Relationship to other governors and staff
Mrs Margery Slatter Staff (Headteacher) N/A N/A All N/A None None
Mr Jim Dewar Parent 11.10.16-10.10.20 Parent Election Performance and Standards   None None
Miss Hannah Swift



 02.11.15-01.11.19 Staff Election P & S    None  None
Mrs Kate Saunderson PCC, Foundation 02.11.13-01.11.17 PCC Resources, P & S & Admissions   None None
Mr Peter Worroll LA 14.10.14 – 13.10.18 Oxfordshire LA Resources   None None
Mr Andy Spink Ewelme Exhibition Trust 25.06.16 – 24.06.20 Trust Resources


Resources Chair

None None
Mrs Sarah Fenn Diocese, Foundation 20.07.15 – 19.07.19 Diocese Resources   None None
Vacancy Ewelme Trust, Foundation 14.10.14 –13.10.18 Trust Community   None None
Mrs Natalie Fraser Parent Governor 01.04.15 – 31.03.19 Parent Election P & S SEN Governor None None
Rev Jonathan Meyer Ex Officio, Foundation 04.02.09 Diocese Community Community Chair None None
Mrs Claire McCann Ewelme Trust, Foundation 02.05.13 – 01.05.17 Trust P & S

P & S Chair

Safeguarding,  H & S & Prevent Governor

None None
Mrs Shems Wilkinson Diocese, Foundation 02.11.13-01.11.17 Diocese Community  Vice-Chair None None
Mr Tom Lethaby Diocese, Foundation 01.04.15 – 31.03.18 Diocese Community   None None
Mr Sam Masters



 02.12.15-01.12.19 N/A  Community  Community Chair  None  None






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