Ewelme SchoolThe History of our School and its Buildings

The Duchess of Suffolk, Alice Chaucer (granddaughter of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer) built and founded Ewelme School in 1437 as a place for high quality education.

The school forms part of a complex of medieval buildings, which includes the church and almshouses. This is the oldest functioning maintained school building in the country. Class 4 is taught in the original school building, which also houses the school hall. The school has been adapted and extended to provide a modern workspace for today’s learning needs, including a new building for Class 1, sympathetically added in 1999, courtesy of the Ewelme Trust. Classes 2 and 3 are taught in self contained classrooms. The central courtyard is used by Class 1 for educational play. The school has an enclosed rubber surfaced playground and a sports field with climbing apparatus.

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