Inclusive School

An Inclusive School

Ewelme is an inclusive community where equal opportunities are promoted. The school has well developed policies in respect of Race, Gender and Disability Equality; Attendance; Behaviour; Looked After Children. These are all available in the school office.

All pupils have the right to an enriched, creative curriculum, in order to achieve their full potential academically, socially and spiritually during their time at Ewelme School. We aim to provide rich educational opportunities at every level.  We pay special attention to thinking skills and the enthusiasm for life-long learning.

More Able Pupils

Ewelme School is aware of the needs of all its pupils and this includes those of higher ability than the rest of their peer group.  We are committed to providing a curriculum that helps to develop these gifts and talents, intellectually and socially, enabling children to attain their potential levels of achievement. We follow a whole school policy and timetable which focuses on and harnesses the potential of more able students.

Pupils with Special Educational Needs

We recognise that every child has individual educational needs. Every teacher is a teacher of Special Needs. All children are assessed regularly to ensure that they are making expected progress in their learning. Where a concern is raised, teachers will talk with parents and our Special Needs Coordinator in order to plan the most appropriate way forward for a child. This might include extra support or a programme of planned intervention delivered during school time in the classroom. Occasionally, the help of local authority specialists may be sought in order to supplement the school’s provision. A child may be placed on the Special Needs Register and have an agreed plan of targets to meet, called an Individual Education Plan, which is designed especially for them. Once support has been effective, a child may no longer need to remain on the register.Teaching Assistants often help with extra provision by working across the school to focus support directly on those children who need it. Further information about Special Needs and the policies that refer to this are accessible in the school office.

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