School Communication

The school stays in touch with its community and parents in many ways. Our website and email systems are a more efficient and speedy way of relaying information; we may also send a hard copy newsletter and class letter whenever necessary. Parents submit their email as a further way of receiving communication. The front page of the website is the first place any urgent information is posted. The website notices are up-dated in real time in the school office.

The school undertakes surveys of the children and parents whenever appropriate and makes use of the results to improve and develop various aspects of school life.

The teachers make themselves available to parents everyday by being available on the playground as their class leaves. Appointments to meet with class teachers or the Headteacher can be made through the office at any time.

Formal reports are provided once a year in April. There are 2 formal opportunities to meet with your child’s teacher during the year, and information sessions and assemblies open to all parents on a regular basis.

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