Headteacher / Child Protection Officer

Mrs Margery Slatter (part time teaching)

Teaching Staff

Mrs Yvonne Smith Class 1 – FS/Year 1

Miss Naomi Pocock Class 2 – Year 2

Miss Briony Lea Class 3 – Years 3/4

Miss Hannah Swift Class 4 – Years 5/6

Chair of Governors

Mr Damien Tyler

Chair of FOES

Mrs Mairead Monsen

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jackie Halliwell – Class 1

Mrs Lynne Bowman – Class 1

Mrs Cheryl Greathead – Class 2

Mrs Glenda Hall – Class 3

Mrs Vicky Stretch – Class 3

Mrs Tracy Hill – Class 4

Office Staff

Mrs Sandra Denton

Ms Jenny Priscott


Fire Officer

Mrs Margery Slatter

Specialist Staff

Mrs Deirdre Bryson (P.E.)


Miss Briony Lea

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Marjorie Luker

(Assisted by: Mrs Tracy Hill,

Mrs Glenda Hall, Mrs Lynne Bowman)


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